Considering Esports?

Explore the power of RUCKUS in the world of esports with our comprehensive brochure.

Learn how our high-performance network, powered by AI, supports seamless gaming experiences, secure guest access, and provides valuable insights into network performance. Discover how RUCKUS can future-proof your esports setup with Wi-Fi 7 access points, IoT-enabled APs, and upgradable uplink.

1. Starting Esports? Begin small, involve students, and expand gradually. Incorporate more STEM/STEAM curriculum as you progress.

2. Esports in STEM? Esports now forms part of STEM, teaching transferable skills like coding, design, broadcasting, and marketing.

3. Esports traffic on your network? Design a gaming environment and network that meets your school's needs, crucial for digital learning transition.

4. Network Esports ready? A seamless, stable network is crucial for gaming. Innovations like Wi-Fi 7 broaden the gaming spectrum.

5. Esports program funding? Esports, a growing part of STEM, requires significant investment. Tight school budgets can squeeze emerging programs.

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