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Editorial Webinar: The challenges and opportunities of small cell network densification

  • Region: Global
  • Category: Outdoor Wireless Networks
  • Language: English
  • 60 minutes

As digital services evolve and users continue to demand faster speeds and higher availability, network densification is proving to be a key driver for enabling successful 5G networks. Small cells, in particular, are seen by operators as a method of increasing cellular network capacity, quality and resilience; however, the sheer number of small cells needed in the 5G era creates a number of challenges.

This webinar looks at how operators and their partners are tackling these challenges and planning for the densification of their networks.

Webinar speakers:

Cat Sbeglia, Technology Editor, RCR Wireless News
Tom Craft, Director, Engineering - MetroCell Solutions, CommScope
Peadar Forbes, Director, Radio Platform Development, Analog Devices
Peter Claydon, President, Picocom


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