Optical transceivers and cables for the ICX® family of switches  

RUCKUS® optical transceivers deliver Ethernet connectivity with guaranteed compatibility with RUCKUS switches, full standards compliance and available product lifetime support, while satisfying a wide range of speed and distance requirements. The RUCKUS Ethernet optics family includes a wide range of offerings designed to meet performance and scalability requirements of service providers, enterprise, and small and medium business environments.

Factory tested
Every batch of RUCKUS transceivers is factory tested and backed by the RUCKUS standard limited warranty.

Guaranteed compatibility
We guarantee compatibility with RUCKUS switches and full standards compliance. That’s something you don’t get from generic transceivers.

Peace of mind
Deploying RUCKUS transceivers with RUCKUS switches or access points (APs) means consolidated support from a single vendor.

Limited warranty
All RUCKUS branded transceivers are covered by the RUCKUS standard limited warranty for switching products.

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RUCKUS Optics Datasheet

The RUCKUS Ethernet optics family includes several offerings designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements of service provider and enterprise environments.

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The Value of RUCKUS Optics

Optics are critical components that can make or break your network. The quality of the optics you deploy will dramatically affect the overall performance and reliability of your entire network. When you deploy RUCKUS optics with RUCKUS switches, you are guaranteed the best user experience. RUCKUS cannot make the same guarantees with third party optics.

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