Ruckus Network Director

Centralized Inventory Control of Your Converged Ruckus Network

Network Director provides a robust single-pane-of-glass view of your entire converged Ruckus network. Providing inventory control and management of all SmartZoneOS clusters and registry for your Ruckus access points (APs) for improved tracking and manageability.

Network Director allows for bulk provisioning of APs prior to physical deployment and once activated will ensure that they automatically register to the appropriate SmartZoneOS Cluster. As network demands change, Network Director supports the automated bulk movement of APs from one SmartZoneOS Cluster to another cluster and is able to identify stranded Ruckus APs within the domain and catalog them for inventory management and rehoming to ensure manageability of the Wi-Fi Network.

Ruckus Network

Ruckus Network Director is designed to provide network operations and Wi-Fi teams with greater control and flexibility in the management of their SmartZone managed network.

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Global Network Visibility
Monitor multi-cluster statistics from a single dashboard with one-click reach into controllers and APs.
Unify AP Registry
Registration and tracking of Ruckus APs for inventory management, control, provisioning and health visibility.
Simplify Cluster Management
Ability to view and assign Ruckus APs across multiple SmartZone Clusters.
Bulk Provisioning
Batch processing based on access point serial number for faster network turn-up, test and activation.
Easy Integration of Metrics Out-of-the-Box
Robust APIs for integration with northbound managers.
Seamless Scalability
As a virtual appliance, scales to support one million Access Points and supporting SmartZone clusters.


Access Point

多款室內、室外與特殊用途 Access Point,可提供絕佳使用者體驗,並提高使用者生產力。

AP 查詢指南

ICX 交換器

為您的網路環境尋找最合適的交換器。ICX 交換器可與 Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Point 和 Ruckus SmartZone 網路控制器流暢整合,提供目前市面上最高效能且經濟實惠的解決方案。



Cloudpath Enrollment System 軟體/SaaS 可為 BYOD、訪客使用者和 IT 專有裝置提供有線和無線的安全網路存取。

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立即尋找合適的合作夥伴。Ruckus 合作夥伴已證明自己在銷售、部署和支援適用於各種企業有線和無線的安全網路方面擁有專業知識。


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使用 Ruckus SmartZone 簡化網路管理

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