RG Nets

RG Nets is the leading provider of gateways and centralized-authentication appliances designed to manage, provision, and protect revenue-generating networks. rXg turn-key gateways offer customer networks of all sizes a single integrated network-provisioning appliance for cost-effective and scalable network deployments. All of the functions and features required in today’s revenue-generating policy-enforcement networks are bundled in one rXg device. RG Nets 总部设在内华达州卡森市,在世界各地均有销售和技术支持部门以及分销商和集成商网络。由于它在这个行业拥有十年的生产销售经验,RG Nets 团队可以为客户提供无与伦比的解决方案,以便最大限度地提高网络的盈利能力。