WiFisher helps you to know and grow your customer base by building a bridge between the offline and online world. Analyze, monetize, and increase your customer’s return rate significantly with WiFisher! 


通过对您的顾客进行了解,您就可以了解如何与他们接触。您可以通过 Wi-Fishers 自动电子邮件营销工具,或创建自己的定制营销信息来实现这一目的。 

But that’s not all! 

WiFisher's platform is also perfect for advertisers. Choose your venue, design creative campaigns, pay online, launch Wi-Fi Ads, and monitor their success instantly. 

立即加入 Wi-Fisher 超过 250 个投放点和广告客户!

For more information about our solutions, please visit  www.wifisher.com.