WiFi SPARK is the creator of SPARK® EMS (Enhanced Managed Service) the innovative and flexible guest Wi-Fi management platform. Created for the Enterprise and Carrier markets, WiFi SPARK has developed seamless integration with Ruckus’ highly scalable WLAN products, ensuring that no other wireless network provider can offer the same adaptability, scalability, features and ultimately, return on investment. CPE 或 CO 管理解决方案支持地方 ZoneDirector 或中央 VSZ 配置。

SPARK® 的革命性架构让企业能够为游客提供品牌 Wi-Fi 体验,针对通过广告和数据采集等获得的额外收入流。通过它的平台,Wi-Fi SPARK 每周都会促成成千上万次设备的网络连接。由于可以完全自定义,可以使用无数个应用程序,Wi-Fi SPARK 为客户提供了一种完全量身定制的服务,可满足每个客户的个体需求。 Adaptable features enable hotspot site owners to benefit from a truly personalized Wi-Fi service, and for users to benefit from an unrivalled Wi-Fi experience.在独特的 SPARK® 软件平台基础上,Wi-Fi SPARK 解决方案产品涵盖了从单一的小网站到大型城市部署等所有产品。

For further information on WiFi SPARK, visit www.wifispark.com.