RaGaPa's In-Browser Content Insertion Technology enables both Wi-Fi Monetization/Branding as well as User Engagement using the user's browser. It enables venues to successfully insert venue-specific promoted content/advertisements on all the webpages (HTTP) a user visits using the venue Wi-Fi. The solution works seamlessly on all platforms and browsers without having to download anything on the client devices. RaGaPa 已经与 Ad Networks 在全球范围内展开合作,可以给场所带来端对端的创收解决方案,并且从第一天开始就形成了一个经常性收入来源。结合 Ruckus SPoT 之后,RaGaPa 现在通过用户浏览器即可提供不受地域限制的实时信息/广告。 For more information visit http://captivexs.com/​