SmartZone - 数据面板

可扩展的 WLAN 数据面板设备

您需要支持多种安全的用户流量路由方案吗?集中管理以及在本地为租户流量挖掘数据通道,而不是通过约束型 WAN 链路是否十分关键?无需昂贵的远程设备即可支持漫游和连接等区域客户服务的能力不仅是很棒的方式,而且十分重要? Worry not. With our SmartZone Data Plane, customers can deploy a complete appliance that minimizes remote traffic bottlenecks and secures tunneled data to and from remote and local data centers. 

SmartZone Data Plane is built in virtual (vSZ-D) and physical (SZ100-D) form factors to suit the needs of organizations with varied virtualization needs in central and tenant locations. The SmartZone Data Plane with our virtual SmartZone network controller maximizes Wi-Fi deployment flexibility and scale.

Together with Ruckus access points – you get scale, control and deployment flexibility and your users get a consistently great Wi-Fi experience—fast, reliable and secure.


Flexible Traffic Redirection

Deploy any combination of vSZ-D and/or SZ100-D per location to optimize and scale wireless traffic.

  • Multiple secure tunneling options from local breakout to 3rd party gateways ensure all deployment architectures are supported.
  • 可与 vSZ 无缝配对,以实现集中 WLAN 管理。
  • 主动/主动 3 + 1 集群消除了冗余故障切换期间的空闲控制器容量浪费和数据丢失,同时最大限度地减少了添加节点时的配置时间。



  • Offload WLAN connectivity services such as DHCP/NAT to the SmartZone Data Plane to eliminate extraneous appliances.
  • Distributed SmartZone Data Planes interconnect enabling layer 3 roaming without additional mobility controllers.
  • 支持对加密流量进行合法拦截以保持对 CALEA 的合规性。

部署强大的 Wi-Fi

即使在最具挑战性的网络条件下,Ruckus 也能提供卓越的 Wi-Fi 性能。这意味着用户会非常满意。

  • Independent report shows Ruckus APs outperforming all other 802.11ac wireless APs.
  • Patented Ruckus BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology creates optimal antenna patterns for each device.
  • ChannelFly technology dynamically switches a client to a better channel if the one it’s using starts to degrade.


Flexible Traffic Redirection
SmartZone Data Plane supports local breakout of traffic as well as packet forwarding up to three 3rd party wireless gateways with support for L2oGRE and QinQ tunnels.
Deploy any combination of vSZ-D and/or SZ100-D per location to optimize and scale wireless traffic.
安全隧道传送的 WLAN
Enables forwarding of user data traffic from Ruckus APs on a per WLAN basis through secure tunnels with support for NAT traversal.
High Speed Packet Processing
Data packet forwarding throughput of 1Gbps, 10Gbps or higher.
Centralized Control
Deploy SmartZone Data Plane within a centralized data center, or remotely at tenant locations while maintaining centralized control over the entire wireless network.
Management Simplicity
The SmartZone Data Plane seamlessly integrates with the vSZ which makes network management easier and more flexible.     





ICX 交换机

为您的网络找到正确的交换机。ICX 交换机与 Ruckus Wi-Fi 接入点和 Ruckus SmartZone 网络控制器无缝协作,提供当今市场上性能最高和最具成本效益的解决方案。



Cloudpath 注册系统是软件/SaaS,为 BYOD、来宾用户和 IT 拥有的设备提供安全的有线和无线网络访问。



立即寻找合适的合作伙伴。Ruckus 合作伙伴在为组织销售、部署和支持安全有线和无线网络方面展示了专业技能。