Communications Service Provider

Wi-Fi for Every Occasion: Managed Wi-Fi Services, Public Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Offload

We understand that different service providers have different requirements and focal points: time to market, virtualization, Opex, Capex, incremental revenue, just to name a few. That’s why we provide our customers with multiple options and architectures and work together to identify the right path.

Our solutions are built to enable service providers to deliver high performance, always-on wireless services at significantly lower cost and complexity of conventional alternatives. Managed services, public Wi-Fi and offloading data traffic are just some of our areas of extensive service provider expertise. Our portfolio also includes secure and automated device enablement, location based services, forward leaning in-building LTE solutions, optimized Wi-Fi calling and more.

Let Ruckus help power a wireless offering that best fits your needs, and those of your customers.