AVSystem Linkyfi is a cutting-edge public access Wi-Fi management application integrated with a powerful Wi-Fi marketing platform for large venues such as hotels, restaurant chains, railway stations, shopping malls and airports aiming to deliver value added services and monetize their public Wi-Fi networks. AVSystem Linkyfi supports targeted marketing campaigns based on end-user demographic, location and historical usage data, and includes an easy to use captive portal/splash screen editor, marketing campaign designer and analytical reporting subsystem, so non-technical staff can easily manage the entire system. It supports a wide range of free or fee-based authentication options and can collect anonymous location data for any Wi-Fi enabled devices. AVSystem is integrated with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi Controllers and SPoT Location Services making Linkyfi an ideal solution for venues or Ruckus Wi-Fi managed service providers.

For more information, please visit https://www.avsystem.com