Magnaquest is a leading Billing & CRM solution provider. Through its product, SURE! Wi-Fi SMP, Magnaquest empowers operators in offering Wi-Fi connectivity to small/medium/large enterprises, making them more productive at a lowered cost of communication. SURE! Wi-Fi SMP helps operators offer seamless connectivity, the ability to serve Native and Off-Load Scenarios, and also to bundle Wi-Fi Services along with regular telecom/broadband services. With these abilities, operators can cater to different types of users and have an accurate differential rating mechanism. With experience of close to 18 years in the Billing and CRM industry, Magnaquest has enabled more than 300 customers across the world in serving their customers successfully. Magnaquest Team boasts of deploying its solution to very small operat ors as well as multimillion dollar communication conglomerates. With the breadth and depth of solution, SURE!, A Magnaquest Product, provides Billing, CRM, Service & Usage Fulfillment, Customer Service, Metered and Convergent Billing, Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Enablement, among others. SURE! also has AAA and Policy Manager products which enables customers to authenticate and provision their network users, under its stack. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, Magnaquest has offices in Africa, United States of America, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates (UAE). For more information, please visit and