Network Controller

General Networking Technologies

What it means:

In Ruckus Networks terminology, a SmartZone™ network controller is a physical or virtual network element used to monitor, manage and control Ruckus access points (APs) and Ruckus switches. When updated to the SmartZoneOS 5.0 release, all SmartZone WLAN controllers, e.g. SmartZone 100, Virtual SmartZone – Essentials, become SmartZone network controllers.

Why you should care:

Within the networking industry, managing a network of both APs and switches (“unified management”) has traditionally required the use of a separate network management system above and beyond the WLAN controller. A separate management system demands, at minimum, a separate software license and the need for IT staff to be trained on two different systems. The result: excess time spent, excess cost and complexity.

A simpler approach to managing the network now exists. Ruckus SmartZone network controllers are the first appliances in the industry that allow IT to manage both the LAN and the WLAN using a single, controller-managed system with a single user interface. This approach simplifies a wide range of IT activities, enabling, for example, a single automated discovery process for both switches and APs and the easy creation of common access policies across switches and APs.