Ruckus ICX 7850

The Core of The Next Generation 100G Enterprise

Kicking-off the next stage in the fixed form factor revolution:

  • Superior Scalability: Up 76.8 Tbps of combined switching capacity and 384x 100GbE or 576x 10/25 GbE ports per 12 units’ stack supports the most demanding enterprise environments.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Network Core connectivity and switching capacity can be distributed wherever it is needed. Does not need to be co-located in a single wiring closet like a traditional chassis.
  • Advanced Security: 256 bit MACsec delivers maximum data privacy
  • Pay as you grow: Cost effective deployment model of fixed form factor switches at the network core

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  • Switching Capacity (Max)
    6.4 Tbps
  • Available Ports
    • Up to 32 40/100 GbE QSFP28 ports per unit
    • Up to 128 10/25 GbE SPF28 ports per unit with breakout cables
    • Up to 48 1/10 GbE SFP+ ports per unit
  • Switches Per Stack (Max)
  • Aggregated Stacking Bandwidth
    9.6 Tbps
  • Redundant Power Option
  • sFlow
  • OpenFlow (SDN)
  • Technologie Campus Fabric
  • L3 Capabilities
    Base L3, RIP, OSFP, BGP, VRF
  • Hot-swappable PSUs and Fans
  • Front-to-Back or Back-to-Front Airflow
  • MCT
  • *Disponible dans une prochaine version du logiciel


Superior Scalability
Industry-leading 40/100 Gbps Ethernet port density and flexibility
Up to 32x100 GbE or 128x25 GbE ports per unit
Up to 9.6 Tbps of aggregated stacking bandwidth
Stacks up to 12 units with up to 10km between stacked switches
Continuous Resiliency
8 full-duplex 100 Gbps stacking ports per switch
Software updates without downtime with In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU)
Instantaneous hitless failover
Redundant power supplies with hot-swappable, and load-sharing capabilities
Affordable Growth
Flexible distributed chassis stacking architecture
Start small and add capacity via stacking as needs grow
1U form factor saves rack space and power in wiring closets
Unified Wired and Wireless Management
Works seamlessly with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points
Ruckus SmartZone support delivers unified wired & wireless management and network automation

For a complete access network solution, add…

Points d’accès

Indoor, outdoor and special-purpose access points that deliver great user experience and higher user productivity.

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Scalable network controllers for converged wired-wireless management

Gamme SmartZone


Cloudpath Enrollment System is software/SaaS that delivers secure wired and wireless network access for BYOD, guest users and IT-owned devices.

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Find the right Partner - right now. Ruckus partners have demonstrated expertise in selling, deploying and supporting secure wired and wireless networks for organizations.

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