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At Ruckus Networks, we are constantly redefining connectivity to create a smarter, simpler, more connected world. Together with our Alliance Partners we deliver best in class, high performance, secure and reliable access to applications and services in multiple verticals globally. Our unwavering focus on these partnerships and our customers is what the Ruckus is all about! Come join "The Pack" today!

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Ruckus Alliance Partners

All Ruckus Alliance Program Partners have conducted interoperability testing with Ruckus and provided select marketing collateral. They provide a wide range of tested applications that complete solutions for Ruckus customers and resellers.

Name Documentos Sitio web Mercados verticales
AccelTex Solutions http://acceltex.com/ Empresa
Accuris Networks https://www.accuris-networks.com Proveedor de servicios
Actility https://www.actility.com Enterprise, Smart City, Transport
ADIPSYS http://www.adipsys.com Enterprise, Higher Education, Hospitality, Primary Education, Retail, Smart City, Transport
Airangel https://www.airangel.com Healthcare, Hospitality, Large Venue, Multi-Dwelling Units
AiRISTA Flow https://www.airistaflow.com Salud
AirWatch by VMware https://www.vmware.com Enterprise, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Primary Education, Retail
Aislelabs https://www.aislelabs.com Large Venue, Retail, Smart City
Aptilo Networks https://www.aptilo.com Proveedor de servicios
Ascom https://www.ascom.com Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units
ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions http://www.assaabloy.com Empresa
AVSystem https://www.avsystem.com Large Venue, Retail, Transport
Axis Communications https://www.axis.com Enterprise, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Large Venue, Primary Education, Retail, Smart City, Transport
Barracuda https://www.barracuda.com Enterprise, Higher Education, Primary Education
Chargifi https://chargifi.com Hospitality, Large Venue, Retail
Cloud4Wi https://cloud4wi.com Large Venue, Retail, Service Provider, Smart City, Transport
CoffeeBean Technology https://www.coffeebeantech.com Venta minorista
Crystal https://www.crystalrugged.com Enterprise, Federal, Smart City, Transport
Domotz https://www.domotz.com IoT
Ekahau https://www.ekahau.com Empresa
Eleven https://www.elevensoftware.com Hotelería
Encapto https://www.encapto.com Large Venue, Multi-Dwelling Units, Retail, Smart City, Transport
Entropy http://entropyph.com/ Retail, Smart City, Transport
Envoy http://www.envoy.com Empresa
Euclid https://geteuclid.com Large Venue, Retail
Fontech https://fontech.com Healthcare, Hospitality, Large Venue, Multi-Dwelling Units, Retail, Service Provider, Smart City
ForgeSP Grandes predios
Fornetix https://www.fornetix.com/ Enterprise, Federal, Healthcare
Front Porch https://www.frontporch.com Large Venue, Service Provider
Fyde https://www.fyde.com/ CBRS, Enterprise, Federal, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Retail, Service Provider, Smart City
Geoverse https://www.geoverse.io/ CBRS
GlobalReach Technology https://www.globalreachtech.com Venta minorista
GoZone WiFi https://www.gozonewifi.com/ Hospitality, Retail, Smart City
Honeywell https://www.honeywellaidc.com Retail, Transport
iBoss https://www.iboss.com Enterprise, Higher Education, Primary Education
iBwave http://www.ibwave.com CBRS
Ipswitch https://www.ipswitch.com Higher Education, Primary Education
IQuest https://www.iquestgroup.com Empresa
ITC Infotech https://www.itcinfotech.com Hotelería
ITUMA https://www.ituma.eu Hospitality, Retail, Smart City
Kloudspot https://www.kloudspot.com Enterprise, Retail
Kontakt.io https://kontakt.io Enterprise, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Primary Education, Retail, Service Provider, Smart City, Transport
Lenovo https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/ Enterprise, Federal, IoT, Healthcare, Higher Education, Primary Education, Retail
Lightspeed Systems https://www.lightspeedsystems.com Higher Education, Primary Education
Magnaquest https://www.magnaquest.com Proveedor de servicios
Microsemi https://www.microsemi.com/product-directory/3721-ethernet-solutionspoe-systems Enterprise, Multi-Dwelling Units, Smart City
NetcoSport http://netcosports.com Grandes predios
NetSupport https://www.netsupportsoftware.com Educación primaria
Nomadix http://www.nomadix.com Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units, Service Provider
Nonius https://www.noniussoftware.com/en/ Hotelería
Nutanix http://www.nutanix.com/ Empresa
Palo Alto Networks https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/ Higher Education, Primary Education
PenguinIN http://penguinin.com/ IoT
Pico Digital https://www.picodigital.com Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units
Pulse Secure https://www.pulsesecure.net Empresa
Purple WiFi https://purple.ai Large Venue, Retail, Smart City, Transport
Qubercomm http://www.qubercomm.com Enterprise, IoT, Healthcare
RaGaPa http://captivexs.com Large Venue, Retail, Smart City, Transport
RG Nets https://rgnets.com Large Venue, Multi-Dwelling Units, Smart City
Sanginfo http://www.sanginfo.com Venta minorista
ShoreTel https://www.mitel.com Empresa
Siklu https://www.siklu.com Higher Education, Large Venue, Smart City
SkyFii https://skyfii.io Large Venue, Retail, Smart City, Transport
Solis Energy Inc. http://solisenergy.com Ciudad inteligente
Soter Technologies https://www.sotertechnologies.com/ Educación primaria
Spectralink https://www.spectralink.com Enterprise, Healthcare, Multi-Dwelling Units
STANLEY Healthcare https://www.stanleyhealthcare.com Healthcare, Multi-Dwelling Units
TEKTELIC Communications https://tektelic.com/ Enterprise, IoT, Multi-Dwelling Units, Smart City
Teleste https://www.teleste.com Hotelería
Tellabs https://www.tellabs.com Hospitality, Service Provider
UCOPIA https://ucopia.com Large Venue, Smart City, Transport
Vocera https://www.vocera.com Salud
Whosonmywifi https://whofi.com Empresa
WiFi SPARK https://www.wifispark.com Retail, Smart City
WiFisher https://www.wifisher.com Hospitality, Retail
XS2 Enterprise, Healthcare, Hospitality, Multi-Dwelling Units, Retail
Zenreach https://www.zenreach.com Hospitality, Large Venue, Retail, Smart City
Zoox Smart Data https://zooxsmart.com/ Hospitality, Large Venue, Retail, Transport