Dublin (CA) Unified School District

Moving to the Head of the Class

Schools have become more dependent on their wireless networks for providing the best education for their students. On-line learning resources and testing platforms are becoming more prevalent and teachers, office/facility staff and students all utilize wireless services to complete their daily school tasks. As the demand for wireless access grows, however, the demand for higher data rates and network reliability becomes more important for daily operation. To meet this growing demand, a network must be designed to provide the latest wired/wireless technologies.

“The existing infrastructure was clearly inadequate for our needs today,” said Stephen Hanke, Superintendent of Dublin Unified School District. “We also have several strategic objectives to achieve, but with the old network, that wasn’t going to be possible.”


Upgrade to a new wired and wireless network that enables digital teaching, enriched learning experiences, and effortless management leveraging 21st century technology.

The use of mobile devices to facilitate classroom learning is exemplified with Common Core. District administrators knew that the standard required all students to have immediate access to technology in order to read across multiple types of media, write, conduct research, and make digital presentations. To provide ubiquitous access, Dublin USD planned to migrate all of its schools to a 1:1 computing model—rolling out 10,000 Chromebooks—and standardize on cloud-based Google Apps for Education.

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  • A more reliable wireless network to service the expanding student & faculty need for network access
  • A replacement for their existing and under- serving wireless network
  • A network that could grow to support exploding demand from increased number of students, devices and size of school
  • Deployed more than 500 Ruckus 802.11n & 802.11ac access points
  • Installed 2 ZoneDirector 5000 (N+1) controllers
  • Rolled out 10,000 Chromebooks for school- year 2015-2016 to meet their 1:1 computing goal for the student body
  • Satisfied students and faculty who can rely on their Wi-Fi because of the increase in bandwidth, capacity, and reliability of the Ruckus Wi-Fi solution
  • Future-proofed their