Certificate Management

Network Security

What it means:

In computer networking, a digital certificate is a document installed on a device that provides the basis for authenticating the device onto the network. Certificate management is the process of managing these digital certificates. This includes processes such as creation, storage, distribution, suspension and revocation. Certificate authorities (CA) are responsible for certificate management and serve as a registration authority for subscriber certificates.

Why you should care:

Digital certificates installed on the device as part of an automated network onboarding process streamline network authentication and make sure that every connection is secure. Users who have installed a certificate on their device during initial onboarding no longer have to take any action to re-authenticate on future connection attempts—the device connects automatically in a process that is transparent to the user. The certificate persists on the device until revoked by IT administrators. Default methods of network onboarding and authentication, such as conventional pre-shared keys and MAC authentication, do not provide the security or user experience benefits of digital certificates distributed via a secure onboarding platform.

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